About the Blogger:

I’m 24 years old, currently studying Public Relations at Utah Valley University. I pay my way through college by working full time at a Disability Law Office. My wife and I are living in a small, but (thanks to her) stylishly decorated apartment in the Provo, UT area.

This blog is just as the title says: A discourse that wanders. It’s a forum for me to put different thoughts, ideas and tips into words as I find time. The goal is to get a post out each month, and in this 24/7 update world, that isn’t much; part of the Public Relations field is having a well-established social media presence. So, I hope if you like what you see you’ll take the time to pass it along.

If you would like to connect on twitter, Check me out at @Jk_Jeffery


One Response to About the Blogger:

  1. sageographer says:

    Hey, this is random. My name is Jared [James Paul] Jeffery – I’m so bored at work that I googled my name and your blog came up. I’m the reason you cannot use jeffery.jared@gmail.com – and for this I apologise as it is the most logical gmail account for someone of our shared nomenclature. I hope you enjoy the name. I personally have never been fond of “Jared” – it’s too American-sounding for a South African like me. Anyway, cheers.

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