We Will Not Look: An Open Letter To Jennifer Lawrence

To Jennifer,

-and the rest affected by the recent (or any) breach of privacy-

I feel the need to express to you directly my thoughts, though I would be shocked if this ever reached your ears. They say that any press is good press, and while I’m sure that is probably true – I doubt that this is your preferred method of increasing your fan base. Leaked nude photos seldom do much to increase ones reputation as a professional, and I would not be surprised if you and your publicist have spent several sleepless nights working on cleaning up the mess made by others.

While it’s one thing to live in a society where something as detestable as pornography has become commonplace, indeed in some circles –though not all– it’s socially acceptable; At least porn has the illusion of consent with all involved parties. It is an entirely new moral low to watch as millions rave about and seek after images that were never meant for their eyes. Things that were stolen and never meant to be brought to light. It’s bad enough that one man was twisted enough to steal those images – it’s worse that countless others have allowed them to spread. I’m sorry that this is the world we live in.

I wish to offer you, as small a token as I know it is, some level of comfort. As a 23 year old male – In this situation I think I have broken the mold. I haven’t seen those photos, nor do I intend to. What’s more is that I know I’m not alone, even if in the waves of media coverage, it seems like you must be living under a rock to have missed this scandalous opportunity to ‘sneak a peek’. But there are at least a few good men (and women) out there still. Those who respect your work and enjoy the stories you’ve shared with us, but more than that – those who respect you as a person. Someone who, regardless of station, deserves common decency. (And I would add a certain right to privacy!)

Regardless of the situation that led to this point, or the debate about what sort of photos should or shouldn’t be taken – for your sake and our own; We won’t look. It’s simply not worth it to us. There is nothing to gain, but plenty of dignity and self respect for us to lose. No matter how harmless a .jpeg on a web browser appears; To us, it isn’t. 

So as small as it may seem and as trite as it probably is (given what’s happening in the rest of the world) we’re going to take this small stand: We will not look.




About Jared

I am a 24 year old Public Relations student at UVU.
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One Response to We Will Not Look: An Open Letter To Jennifer Lawrence

  1. hatersky says:

    I tried not to look and I had to. Some website posted the pics under the article, without warning. Wanting it or not, I saw them. I posted something about this whole drama on my blog, check it out.

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