In Memoriam: 2013


So this has probably been one of the more difficult posts I’ve tried to write simply because I feel like there is a lot to say and I’ve no idea where to start.
Sadly enough, the things that need be said are all good things! (Those who know me realize I have no issues getting started on a rant about things I dislike).

2013 – probably going to be a year I look back to for a very long time as one of the most outlandish years I’ve had. It’s become a perfect example of the ‘all’s well that ends well’ mentality.

What I’ve learned:
There is still a lot of kindness in the world — I am typically (unfortunately) quick to denounce the jerk driving in front of me (and his whole family back to the dark ages!) when I get cut off on the road: So it was a lesson to me this year to learn that there is a power in kindness you can’t really get other places. And I really should use it more often.
The teaching moments I had range from: My boss’s boss taking a minute (after work on a Friday, no less) to help me get the blasted car started because it hates the cold nearly as much as my wife does;
To countless acts of service/sacrifices of time and money from family and friends as I juggled work, school, and an engagement/marriage. I live in the company of saints and am indebted to them all for helping me survive this past year – especially my mothers, grandmothers and their male counterparts.

So to be to the point – Thank you. And I promise all of the efforts on my wife’s/my behalf have not gone unnoticed. We’ve certainly learned a great lesson in charity this year – and now we start in on the proverbial school of gratitude.

(Also, by way of supporting great local entrepreneurs:
Our Wedding Photographer and Our Wedding Videographer were both absolute joys to work with – without out a doubt you should check them out. They definitely deserve the business/support)

Credit to David Moore for the photo.


About Jared

I am a 24 year old Public Relations student at UVU.
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