Let’s start at the top:

So I figure there should be some sort of introduction to the purposes behind this blog, as well as what one might expect to find whilst ‘wandering’ through the (eventual) discourses posted here. (See what I did there?)

I’m currently a junior (that’s what they call it when you’ve got ~4 semesters left before your BA, right?) at UVU and have decided I need to start expanding my online presence, hopefully to one day make myself something of a juicy morsel for the corporate giants when it comes to my impending job-hunt.

That being the case, I will probably be occasionally posting things of an educational nature: Papers I have written, different projects I’ve participated in, speeches I’ve given – possibly in video form if I can figure out how to make that work!

But don’t worry, I’ll make it abundantly clear when all the ‘boring’ stuff comes along where you or I may accidentally ‘learn something’ – so you can avoid it entirely. 😉

Leaving behind the educational – I will probably also take the opportunity to post things that I deem humorous, catalog important events as they come my way, support some product or event that has caught my eye, or occasionally (let’s be honest: this will probably end up dominating my domain name) to rant.

As far as length of posts or “style” they are written in? I have no clue. We’ll figure that one out together.


About Jared

I am a 24 year old Public Relations student at UVU.
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2 Responses to Let’s start at the top:

  1. Sarah Kelsey says:

    ^Aww, beat me to it. Welcome to the world of blogging, Mr. Jeffery!!

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